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More information coming soon!  We are teaming up with some great companies that promote a healthy lifestyle and will be bringing you information and special discounts on their products.  Go to our Products page to find information on various companies. Make your own choices on how you want to live your healthy lifestyle and find what works best for you and your family.  :)  Here's to a healthy and happy day, week, month, year and life!

- Rachelle :)

Juice Plus believes adopting a healthy lifestyle is a holistic effort, which is why they focus
​on four core pillars of wellness:


A healthy lifestyle is an active one. Whether it’s just adding a few minutes to playtime each day, or pushing yourself toward new fitness goals, finding ways to get your family moving is necessary to keep everyone healthy.


Drinking enough water is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Replacing sugary drinks with water, eating high-water-content fruits and vegetables, and replenishing fluids after exercise are all key steps to living and feeling your best.


Eating well means eating with balance. In addition to making sure we get enough fruits and vegetables in our diets, portion control and regular mealtimes are also key nutritional habits.


Sleep and stress management are often overlooked in the health picture. Setting healthy bedtime habits for the whole family and finding ways to cope with day-to-day stress are vital not just for mental health, but for physical health as well.

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